LEDS Is Your One-Stop, TurnKey Lighting Retrofit Solution For Your Industrial Facility, Warehouse or Distribution Center

The LEDS Worry-Free Guarantee

We'll Do What We Propose. Guaranteed.

At LEDS, we provide you with a Worry-Free Guarantee for your lighting project that ensures our lighting solution for you meets the exact cost and savings estimates included in our proposal to you. Guaranteed.

1) FIRM FIXED PRICE GUARANTEE.  With LEDS, you'll know that the proposal we deliver to you for your lighting project will include a Firm Fixed Price Guarantee (FFPG).  What is an FFPG?  Our FFPG guarantees that an LEDS lighting professional will complete the scope of work included in our proposal to you at the proposed price AND will never request a change order unless you request an additional scope of work to be performed.  Additionally, if any inefficient fixtures are missed on our survey, within the interior footprint of your facility, we will perform lighting retrofits for those fixtures at NO COST to you.


2) ENERGY SAVINGS GUARANTEE.  Our LEDS Lighting Team calculates both the kW and kWh savings associated with the scope of work but note that, as we cannot control your hours of operation, we can only guarantee your kW reduction.  This savings is a simple calculation: kW Saved = (Existing Watts - Proposed Watts)/1,000.


3) REBATE GUARANTEE.  Within all utility jurisdictions that allow for payment of the lighting rebate incentive to go directly to the contractor, LEDS will guarantee that the estimated rebate value in our proposal to you by allowing you to 'net it out' of the final Purchase Order value.

We deliver this Rebate Guarantee to you to provide you with the comfort of knowing that there will not be any charges decreasing your ROI if the final commercial lighting rebate value is significantly reduced for any reason.  To give you peace of mind, LEDS assumes the responsibility and risk associated with collecting rebate funds from the utility; thus, we exercise maximum due diligence in calculating precise rebate values for your project.