LEDS Is Your One-Stop, TurnKey Lighting Retrofit Solution For Your Industrial Facility, Warehouse or Distribution Center

The LEDS Advantage

Why choose LEDS instead of another lighting solutions provider?

WE HAVE LIGHTING SOLUTIONS EXPERIENCE. The core management team at LEDS has been working together for over two decades on a variety of energy efficient lighting solutions projects and has the expertise to make even the most difficult projects cash flow.

WE HAVE A UNIQUE DESIGN-BUILD APPROACH.  At LEDS, we analyze your entire project and provide our progressive Design-Build approach that addresses the lighting needs of all areas of your environment.  Our hands-on, turnkey lighting solutions process provides the ultimate experience in management and eliminates the need for you to apply expensive internal resources toward your lighting project, enabling you to concentrate on the more important task of your business operations.  When you work with LEDS Lighting Team, know that we'll handle every aspect of your lighting project including:

  • Survey & Design
  • Rebate Discovery & Administration
  • Utility Bill Analysis
  • Material Procurement, Storage and Management
  • Material Warranty Management
  • Project Management
  • Universal Waste Recycling & Conventional Waste Disposal
  • As-Built Documentation


WE ARE LIGHTING PROFESSIONALS.  Rest assured that every one of our LEDS site evaluations and design work are performed by a Lighting Professional with countless years of experience.  We will design your project to best suit your needs.

WE STRIVE FOR LIGHTING SYSTEM STANDARDIZATION.  When you work with LEDS, know that we are not only focused on a cost-effective project and your energy savings but also life cycle cost savings and an exemplary standardization of your lighting equipment. We concentrate on standardization to minimize your on-going maintenance costs and lighting component types with your facility or environment to reduce the sheer number of components you need to keep in stock.

WE DISCOVER FINANCIAL INCENTIVES FOR YOU.  Our LEDS Lighting Team investigates the availability of all financial incentives offered by local, state and federal entities for you to offset your lighting project costs and benefit your bottom line.  To save you time and money, one of our LEDS Lighting Consultants will submit the required forms and documentation on your behalf to ensure you receive these all-important incentives.  For more details, see our LEDS Financial Incentives

OUR SOFTWARE IS YOUR SAVINGS RESOURCE.  The valuable information we obtain from your site evaluations is downloaded into our lighting database, where final design work is accomplished, savings calculations are performed and your final lighting project pricing is completed -- all with an eye on the best cost, energy-efficiency and a maximization of incentives.  Our software means you are the beneficiary of the most accurate cost savings analysis, compiled from the analysis and estimations of the following: 

  • Annual Energy Savings
  • Annual Maintenance Savings
  • Annual A/C Savings
  • Utility Incentives
  • Utility Bill Analysis
  • State & Federal Tax Incentives
  • Environmental Impact - Carbon Reduction
  • Recycling of Universal Waste Generated by Project
  • Conventional Waste Disposal
  • Material Costs
  • Labor Costs
  • Return On Investment (ROI) & Simple Payback

OUR WORRY-FREE GUARANTEE IS HARD TO BEAT.  We believe in the efficiency of our product and the quality of our performance at LEDS -- that's why we confidently stand behind our work with our 'Worry-Free' LEDS Guarantee on every lighting project.  

  • We guarantee the kW reduction estimated in our proposal to you
  • We guarantee the rebate estimate in our proposal to you
  • We guarantee the firm fixed price offered in our proposal to you -- never a change order.