LEDS Is Your One-Stop, TurnKey Lighting Retrofit Solution For Your Industrial Facility, Warehouse or Distribution Center

LEDS Financial Incentives

Our Financial Incentive Work Means A High ROI For You.

When working with LEDS, you should anticipate a high Return On Investment (ROI).  When LEDS creates your lighting solution, your energy efficient lighting project will deliver a high return for you.  Our LEDS Lighting Design Team will discover every financial incentive available to your project and maximize these incentives to deliver an ROI for you in the range upwards of 70-percent (70%) when the following incentives are optimized:

UTILITY REBATES.  Most utility companies are under pressure from their local Public Utility Commission to reduce peak demand through the offering of 'rebates' or incentives for large commercial and industrial users of electricity who install energy efficient lighting products that reduce peak demand.  

Discovering utility rebates can be a confusing and complicated process for you, which is why LEDS will take the lead for you of locating the utility that will provide rebates and incentives for your facility AND determine which of the utility's programs will maximize your rebate.

Because rebates/incentives typically pay for 25-70% of the total cost of a turnkey lighting project, we'll go the extra mile and guarantee the rebate value to YOU by allowing you to 'net the rebate out of your Purchase Order'.  This cost-saving strategy leaves only LEDS at risk for ensuring that your project meets the utility's program criteria and the actual collection of the rebate value.