LEDS Is Your One-Stop, TurnKey Lighting Retrofit Solution For Your Industrial Facility, Warehouse or Distribution Center

The LEDS Lighting Solutions Process

Your Complete Satisfaction Is Our Primary Goal.

At LEDS, we believe we have the best lighting solutions process in the business.  From initial consultation to site evaluation to delivery and installation, we offer the complete package, expertise and advantage for your facility's lighting project.  Our specialized Lighting Solutions Process includes:

1) EDUCATION & QUALIFICATION.  We aren't here to sell you lighting.  We're here to educate you about the best lighting solution for your facility.  We take pride in giving you the knowledge and information you need to make the most informed, educated decision you can make with regard to energy efficient lighting for your facility.  We think of your business as our business and consider your complete satisfaction our ultimate goal.


2) SITE EVALUATION & DESIGN. After the Education & Qualification phase, we will dispatch a Lighting Professional to your site, at no cost to you, to perform a detailed evaluation of the existing lighting system and commence the design of a new, more efficient lighting system.  During this phase, we utilize our lighting software to catalog the following information:

  • Area
  • Fixture Type
  • Fixture Quantity
  • System Wattage
  • Estimated Hours of Operation

After the cataloging stage, our Lighting Professional will design the most cost effective lighting solution for your facility, incorporating your goals and objectives while maximizing energy savings, credits & incentives and delivering the requested amount of light for your facility or environment. 


3) PROPOSAL DELIVERY.  Following our site visit, a detailed proposal is delivered to you with all of the information you will need to satisfy your facility managers AND the financial managers of your company.  Our proposal will contain:

  • Detailed Scope of Work
  • All Assumptions Used In Calculations
  • Firm, Fixed Price (no change orders)
  • Warranty Information
  • Material Specification



Once you agree to have LEDS create your new lighting system, we conduct a pre-construction meeting to review the final scope of work, execute critical measurements and coordinate scheduling -- all to ensure a seamless, worry-free installation for you.


5) INSTALLATION.  Our installation process is second-to-none and separates LEDS from the rest of the field in the lighting solutions business.  We understand lighting and procure only best-in-class products and components for your project.  We understand your facility's needs implicitly because we comprehensively analyze them.  We understand your lightings system's financial goals because we maximize them and deliver results.  Our project management team is the most conscientious in the business about completing your lighting project on budget and on time.


6) AS-BUILT ANALYSIS & SERVICE.  At the conclusion of your lighting project, our LEDS Team will prepare a comprehensive 'As-Built' lighting system analysis for you.  The detailed 'As-Built' analysis documentation includes a detailed scope of work, specification sheets, warranties and recycling certificates.